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TemcoRubber Industry Group

The foundation of Temco Raber Industrial Group was established in 2010 by launching an engineering group in the field of designing and manufacturing toy molds.

With the expansion of this group in 2016, Temco Rabar Industrial Group, under the management of Mr. Mohammad Tamtasal (Managing Director of the collection), as an innovative designer and manufacturer of industrial molds with the aim of helping production, entered the important and sensitive molding industry And soon became known as one of the pioneers of this industry.

Therefore, we can refer to the design and manufacture of more than a thousand types of industrial molds.

most of which are for the production of rubber and plastic parts in important industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, electrical, home appliances, kitchen and so on.

Temco Rubber has always been considered by manufacturers in various industries due to its innovation in design and the desired quality of molds, by using scientific methods, advanced equipment and machinery, employing specialized and experienced personnel, as well as.

  • Careful examination of customer needs (parameters of production circulation, high quality and low price can be effective in the mold making process)

This group is proud to have more than a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial molds with various industries and large manufacturers and has been able to provide customer satisfaction.

For this reason, we have always tried to put the quality of work at the top of our agenda and customer satisfaction as our most important mission.

  • Detailed examination of the segment (analysis of the segment in terms of material selection, dimensional accuracy, mechanical and thermal properties)

In Temco Rabar industrial group, the process of designing and manufacturing the mold is done with special sensitivity and accuracy, the steps of which can be described as follows


  • Modeling the segment with specialized software (design with full details and make changes if necessary)
  • Selecting the appropriate method for making the segment
  • Template design with specialized software

It should also be noted that the purpose of explaining your leading reference site, to help better understand rubber and plastic materials, as well as familiarity with the various methods of molding rubber and plastic and in general different methods of making parts that lead to increased knowledge of the country made by students and dear producers who can easily find the answers to their questions in the form of what piece, what is abbreviated and what is named in this reference. 6_mold manufacturing

7_ Mold testing and sampling

8_ – Quality control and delivery

Wishing you more and more success

همچنین باید به این نکته اشاره گردد که هدف از تبیین سایت مرجع پیشرو شما، کمک به شناخت بهتر مواد لاستیکی و پلاستیکی و همچنین آشنایی با انواع روش های قالب سازی لاستیک و پلاستیک و بصورت کلی روش های مختلف قطعه سازی که منجر به افزایش سطح دانش ساخت کشور توسط دانشجویان و تولیدکنندگان عزیز بوده که بتوانند براحتی پاسخ پرسش های خود را در قالب چه قطعه ای چجوری که به اختصار چه چه نامگذاری گردیده، در این مرجع بیابند.

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